Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Green Onion & Ginger Condiment

After much "research," I can comfortably conclude that a soccer game is best experienced in a pub, with a pint in hand, and surrounded by foreigners. Great stuff.

Next, a basic Chinese condiment. I LOVE this stuff. Best served with boiled chicken or steamed fish. It's really cheap and I don't remember why I don't make more of it, especially when I ALWAYS have loads of ginger and green onions.

Super simple:Mince 10 green onions and place in a heat proof bowl.
Peel ginger and grate:
You want about a 3:1 ratio of green onion: ginger if measured by volume. Add the ginger to the green onion.
Heat up oil. How much oil? You want enough to be able to completely cover the ginger/green onion:
Salt...I don't quite know how much to tell you to add. I added a little under 1.5 tablespoons. I just sorta do it by experience and by taste. Oh, 1.5 tablespoons of KOSHER salt. If you want to use regular table salt, multiply my kosher salt quantity by 2/3. Add the salt and massage it into the green onion and ginger...start breaking up the fibrous mass of ginger and try to evenly distribute it. When the oil is just smoking, pour enough to just cover the green onion/ginger mixture. Careful, it will splatter and spit!
Done! Endless uses for this stuff. As mentioned above, I love it with poached chicken and rice. I also like it as a dressing/sauce for noodles. A tasty, quick snack.

New gadget. Oven thermometer. Heston Blumenthal talked me into getting one. And, lo and behold, it looks like my oven runs cold! I set it for 350 degrees and this is after 30 minutes:
Thanks, Heston!

I was flipping through this book earlier today and I came upon Susur Lee's advice to home cooks: "Don't try to cook like restaurant chefs." I LOL'd.


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