Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tripe Soup

In Soviet Russia, hangovers cure YOU!  Hahahaha, but seriously, here's something I found fascinating.  Lots of people already know that menudo, the Mexican bubbling broth of tripe and chili paste, is used as a traditional hangover cure.  However, did you know that tripe soup is also a traditional hangover cure in Turkey?  And Romania? 

I went to this Turkish restaurant last night and this how they serve their İşkembe çorbası:
First, a condiment tray with paprika, minced garlic, sumac, mint and vinegar is delivered to your table.

Then the soup itself:
It tasted like it was nothing more than boiled tripe.  The soup itself was lightly thickened and a brief Google search indicates that it was probably flour.   I asked the Turkish waiter how he liked his soup and he said that he preferred only vinegar and garlic.  I went that route and it's not bad, not bad at all but I also liked some paprika thrown in there as well as a few pinches of the green herbs.  The sumac didn't do much for me.

All in all, I love days when I tie together things like this: Mexico and Turkey both prescribe tripe soup as hangover cures.  I'm such a food geek it's not even funny.

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S Lloyd said...

Thanks for making us discovering those great comforting fares. I am lately covery fine dining and upscale Bistro, but can't wait to jump into what I once covered: homey food tables.