Sunday, May 23, 2010

Assorted Taipei Randoms

Random junk from Taipei.  Lots of pics and videos.  For the pics, hover over "notes" for captions:

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Ximending at night.  Ximending is a hip cool area where lots of Taipei's youngsters hangout.

Taipei Main Station. The hub for High Speed Rail and the MRT.

Iridescent fish at the National Taiwan Museum.

228 Peace Memorial Park.  It's super pretty.

People practicing tai chi in the park.  They are gifted.

Feeding the squirrels in 228 Peace Park.

Longshan Temple front gate.

Longshan Temple interior.  Very busy.  Lots of worshippers.

Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall and the National Concert Hall.

Why I Love the MRT part 1

Why I love the MRT part 2

Let's go for a ride on the MRT.  Looking east from Yuanshan station to Jiantan station.

Danshui. A small, touristy town accessible by MRT where Taiwanese families go for day trips.  I really's all about food, walking around, enjoying the Danshui river etc.

The Danshui River.  Not the prettiest river I've ever seen.

Chinese musician at Danshui.  There were also performances from other the guy I nicknamed the Taiwanese John Mayer.

Whew! What a post!

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