Friday, January 18, 2008

NYC: Street Scenes/UN/Museum

So this is going to be the post where I upload random images.

Here we go!!!

Street Scenes and Randoms:

Meet Chairman Meow (get it? Chairman Mao/Meow?)...this might be the greatest-of-all-time name for a cat:

Chrysler Building:

Empire State Building...Personally, I think the Empire State is fugly and that the Chrysler Building is MUCH more attractive

Bergdorf-Goodman window:
Mini-Arc de Triomphe in Washington Square Park:

Union Square...look at how fat this guy is!!!!

From the American Museum of Natural History:



Rawr! I'm a dinosaur:

Ever-popular duck-bill:

Prehistoric moose...much cooler than a regular moose:

Creepy how they're just watching you:
Don't know why i took a pic of this...or why I uploaded it:

This man already knows that he's a pimp...however, he wants YOU to also know:

Erm, Mexican?

This stuff is actually grows like this somewhere in the depths of the Earth:

Forget about the dinosaur, check out the dude who dresses his kids in identical outfits:

How's the weather up there? har har har:


Oliphaunts, the Rohirrim better watch out:

From my tour of the United Nations' Headquarters:

A gun that's been converted into a guitar..the UN is big on this sort of symbolism:

From the General Assembly...looks like something out of Star Wars:

The rest of the General Assembly:

Some piece of art that took like a gazillion man hours to create...from China, maybe?:

A perfect replica of the Thai royal barge from, Thailand, duh:

Some little girl painted this..not bad, imho:

My dad called and wants his glasses back...either you get this joke or you don't:

Boutros Boutros BOUTROS Ghali:

The current Secretary-General...I can't even imagine how stressed out this dude must be:

Crappy pic of part of the UN Exterior:

Random quote from the bible:

Thanks, Luxembourg:

Thanks, Sweden:

Random artwork:

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