Sunday, January 27, 2008

100th Post! With Music!!!

Dearest Readers,
For my 100th post (I can't believe it either), I thought I'd do something completely different. I fielded a question from a friend regarding the background music for one of my videos. Although I have a deep relationship with classical music, I LOVE EUROPEAN DANCE MUSIC. Funny thing is, you'll NEVER see me on a dance floor shakin' my booty. I just happen to love this style of music. Rob Mayth, Dan Winter, Cascada, Groove Coverage, Master Blaster, Special D., BassHunter, Sarina Paris, Rocco, Scooter, Erika (any of these 'artists' ringing a bell?)...I love it all. If I'm plugged into my iPod, chances are that I'm listening to EuroDance. Or Paganini #1. How bizarre.

So, for this 100th post extravaganza, I thought I'd link to two of my current faves and share the wealth. Yes, yes, the music of the gods. Wait. What? You disagree? You think that because you've memorized a few Coldplay lyrics that you're suddenly a music expert? Pssssht. Whatever. Go play a Brahms symphony (or four) and THEN come back and talk to me.

The first tune is CHINESE (like me...err, I'm actually TAIWANESE) Here's a YouTube video of the original song, Yu Jian by Sun Yan Zi. Must be from a movie or something...I noticed Takeshi Kaneshiro. I hope I'm not stepping on any toes by embedding the video. Even though the original tune is kinda slow and boring, I thought it important for all of you to hear the original vocals which inspired the remix. At least wait until 0:47 in so you can see Kaneshiro butchering a violin...What a stiff bow arm...noob.

And here is a link to the Steve Twain remix. If you have glow sticks, now would be a good time to break them out. This link sends you to another page. From there, right click, save link as on the newly-opened page's song hyperlink:
Great tune, isn't it? I LOVE remixes...kind of like EuroDance's Theme & Variations. And no, even though I took a year of Mandarin, I'm unable to give you even a cursory translation of the song's lyrics.

This next tune, Let's All Chant by Straight Flush, is from the summer of '07...I have a feeling that a few years from now, it'll come back with a slew of remixes. I'm going to post the original tune and the Rob Mayth (!!!!) remix. Again, the links will open a new page and you have to right click, save link as on the newly-opened page's song hyperlink:
Again, I recommend listening to the original and then the remix.

And if you like these artists, check them out on iTunes. Can I recommend the Manians Freak in da Morning RMX Edit of Barbie Girl? Or the Rob Mayth (!!!!) remix of Barbie Girl? Both quality cuts.

I hope you enjoyed that little musical diversion as much as I did!!!

So what's ahead for TBCC? I guess more baking posts, more fish (ughh, do I really have to?), and I'm going to install a search engine so looking stuff up on my 'blog will be easier. George and I are also looking at maybe doing another food contest...we're still coming up with feasible ideas. Let me know if you've got a good one!!!!

Looking forward to the next 100 posts,

P.S. Just for fun, I thought I'd throw up a link to German Hip-Hop. Pimpin' is hard here in the US and A, but it must be doubly difficult livin' the thug life in Berlin.
(same as before, the links will open a new page...right click, save link as on the newly-opened page's song hyperlink)
Click know this beat, right? der Doktor Dre?
Song #2.

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