Sunday, November 18, 2007

$2.00 per Day Food Challenge

Last night, my roommate and I came up with an interesting idea: Who can last the longest on a $2.00 per day food budget?

We're going to start after Thanksgiving. This gives us an opportunity to think about what we can eat on such a limited budget. Things that have already come to mind are beans, legumes, grains, eggs, fresh veggies, tofu products and meager portions of ground meat. Most animal proteins are ruled out due to their prohibitive cost but we'll see how creative we can get.

I'm going to head to the Asian grocery store in the next few days, take stock of what they have and think about my options. Although this is a difficult challenge, I think it will be good for me. After all, minimizing animal proteins and maximizing legumes, grains and veggies is a healthier way to eat, no?

One last thing: Restaurants are pretty much completely ruled out. Even my $0.80 vegetable and pork bun snack is no longer affordable. I'm gonna miss those things.

I'll keep y'all updated.


Anonymous said...

Although an admirable goal it certainly isn't healthier. Essentially giving up meat entirely is absolutely not healthy-how many olympic/professional athlete vegetarians do you know? Also, $2/day rules out most fresh fruit and vegetables, at least where I live.
Good luck though! Your recipes are great.

Mike Czyzewski said...

I think your olympic vegetarian approach is flawed. Olympic athletes have much different physical demands than the average person. Because their bodies can't hold up without meat doesn't mean that my body will go through the same thing.

So what would you eat on 2/day in your area? What is your area anyhow?