Sunday, November 25, 2007

$2.00/day Food Challenge Post #8: Day 2 Recap

Eating dinner right digital camera so no pic.

Dinner consists of:
$0.10 worth of rice
$0.28 in miso soup...this is the last, I'll have to make more tomorrow.
$0.43 in white beans with sausage. Recipe isn't up, will be soon.
Total- $0.81

Lunch consisted of:
$0.28 in miso soup
$0.15 worth of rice
$0.20 in stewed cabbage.
Total- $0.63

This has already been posted here.

If everything holds, I will end the day at $1.73 or $0.27 below the limit. Add yesterday's rollover dollars and I have $2.69 available for tomorrow's meals.

Most of you are probably wondering, jeez, are you full? Are you getting enough to eat? Do you miss meat? Yes, yes, no. Yep, I feel full. In fact, after lunch, I was positively STUFFED. Am also pretty full right now...gotta love soup! Don't really miss meat. I get enough here and there to satisfy my urges and it doesn't hurt that I'm not the sort of guy who craves a big, bloody steak. Let's put it this way: I'd rather eat a well-prepared mostly vegetarian dish than a well-prepared meat-based dish any day of the week.

Anyhow, one last picture for the day, I was able to rescue it from the camera. Anyone wanna guess what I made as a side dish? Joo? James, get Joo to take a guess?
edit: bite of flan. -$0.05, $2.64 for tomorrow.

Here's how George did.


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Jimmy said...

Kong namul moo chim? or kong namul gook (soup)

Mike Czyzewski said...

if kong namul moo chim is the name of the seasoned bean sprouts that you get as part of the banchan (panchan?), then we have a winner!