Saturday, November 17, 2007

Sausage and Peppers

I love sausages. In fact, I love them so very much that I would consider it a life accomplishment if I were ever able to make my own. I understand that home chracuterie isn't terribly difficult but I just don't have a meat grinder or a sausage casing filler thingy so it'll have to wait until I have a bit more cash.

As I write this, I am thinking about the many different kinds of sausages that can be found within a 2 mile radius of my apartment. It's quite a boon to the sausage loving man to have multiple Russian delis within walking distance...they're filled with all sorts of cured meat treats that make me salivate just thinking of them...I'm specifically thinking of this kielbasa-like sausage which is made with a touch of garlic. It's MAGNIFICENT quickly warmed and served with some scrambled eggs...mmmm....

Anyhow, here's an easy recipe for sausages. These sausages would be great served on a hot dog bun slathered with the peppers and onions. They would also be great served on top of polenta. Or, do as I do, and eat it with rice. This recipe is adapted from Staff Meals From Chanterelle. It's filled with all sorts of homey comfort foods but I never seem to cook from it. Maybe it's because the recipes are so practical that they lack a little bit of sizzle, a little sexiness. I dunno. But I encourage all of you to at least flip through it. Chances are that you'll find something yummy to cook.

Here we go. Picture of the ingredients:
Picture of the honored guests:
Hawt! I am using 4 sweet Italian and 3 hot Italian. Prick the sausages with a fork and brown in a pan:
While the sausages are browning, prep the rest of the ingredients.

Slice up one onion. Slice up 2 green bell peppers and 2 red bell peppers. Or use 1 green bell pepper and 3 red bell peppers. Or 3 green bell peppers and 1 red bell pepper. Or maybe we can use some yellow bell peppers. Perhaps 1 green bell pepper, 1 red bell pepper and 2 yellow bell peppers. Or maybe 2 green bell peppers, 1 red bell pepper and 1 yellow bell peppers. Mayhaps though useth 2 red bell peppers, 1 green bell pepper and 1 yellow bell pepper? I think you understand what I'm getting at. Also mince 3 cloves of garlic. Here's a picture of my prepped veggies:
By now, the sausages should be browned. Remove the sausages and pour out some of the oil until there's about 4 tablespoons left. You just want a nice slick of oil in the bottom of the pan. Toss in the veggies, a large pinch of salt and saute until the veggies start to take on a little color.
Toss the sausages back in along with a quarter cup of pureed tomatoes (use tomato sauce if it's what you have, it'll be fine), a half cup of white wine, two large pinches of dried mixed herbs, another large pinch of salt and some pepper. Give it all a good stir, bring to a boil, lower the heat to a simmer and half-way cover with a lid.
Occasionally stir the pot, don't let things stick/burn. When the sausages are cooked and the sauce is at the appropriate consistency, taste the sauce and adjust the seasoning. (The stovetop is disgusting, I know.) Done!

Time-About a half an hour.
Food Cost-
Sausages- $7.50
Peppers- $2.00
Wine- $1.50
Incidentals- $0.50
Total- $11.50
Serves 7. I use one sausage per person as my serving size, your mileage may vary. $1.65 per serving.

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