Tuesday, November 27, 2007

$2.00/day Food Challenge Post #10: Day 4 Recap

My mom loves to use parables as teaching tools. Here's the Cliff's Notes version of a particularly good one:
There was once an extremely rich Chinaman. Such was his wealth that his table was always set with a bounty of food. He would eat his fill, the rest of the food would be thrown away and the process would repeat with the next meal. Much food was wasted. Eventually, his wealth disappeared and he found himself living on the streets. An unsuccessful beggar, he was extremely hungry. Fortunately, he happened upon a fellow homeless man who seemed to have a surfeit of rice. The generous homeless man shared some of his rice and the formerly rich man exclaimed "This rice is magnificent! Wherever did you find it?" The other beggar said, "Why, this rice used to be yours! You wasted so much food that it has kept our bellies full for quite sometime!" Upon hearing this, the formerly rich man became extremely embarrassed at his lavish lifestyle and killed himself.
Great story, eh? I'm not quite sure what the lesson is but I relay it only to help explain why I REFUSE to throw away any stewed cabbage even though I'm really sick of eating it. I will power through the remaining portions so if I am ever a homeless San Franciscan, I won't feel obligated to kill myself after dining on my own leftovers.

Anyhow, here's how I did:

1 cup of oatmeal- $0.19
2 tbps of cranberry sauce- $0.04
1/8th cup of milk- $0.02
Total- $0.25

$0.08 in Bean Sprouts
$0.20 Rice
$0.40 Stewed Cabbage
$0.04 Miso Broth
$0.72 Total

Mid-Afternoon Snack
$0.22 White Beans

$0.20 Rice
$0.13 Sprouts
$0.20 Cabbage
$0.05 Miso Broth
$0.58 Total

Daily Total- $1.77. Rolling over $0.23. I have $3.30 for tomorrow's meals.
Here's how George did.


James said...

great story

Mike Czyzewski said...

Seriously. Do you remember that one?