Saturday, November 24, 2007

$2.00/day Food Challenge Post #6: Day 1 Recap

Okay, here's what I'm eating for dinner:
1 1-cup serving of stewed napa cabbage (hope to have the recipe up sometime tomorrow) $0.40
A serving of rice $0.15
Bowl of miso soup. $0.35
Total cost: $0.90

Didn't really eat lunch...had a 5 cent serving of rice and a 1/2 cup serving of stewed cabbage
Total cost-$0.25

Afternoon snack-
1 slice of toast- $0.10
1 tablespoon of homemade apple compote- $0.04
Total- $0.14

Daily total? $1.29

Since I didn't start this morning, I am going to add in what my breakfast would've cost:
Bowl of Oatmeal- $0.19 (I need to double check this figure, it might be a little high)
Tablespoon of apple compote- $0.04
1/8th of a cup of milk- $0.01
Total- $0.24

$1.29 + $0.24= $1.53. I am rolling over $0.47.

Feeling great right now. Am fully sated and looking forward to cooking more cheap eats tomorrow.

If anyone wants more details on food cost, do ask. I have everything in front of me but don't want to type it all up...seems a bit excessive.
Needless to say, I ain't fibbing on the numbers. Pretty much everything hit the kitchen scale at some point so my numbers are accurate.

edit: had a bite of flan. say, I brought home a third of the flan cut into two pieces so each wedge was 1/6th of the entire flan. my bite was about 1/10th of a wedge so 1/60th of $3.00 is 5 cents. I am rolling over 42 cents.

here's how George


columbuspatrick said...

dude this is the coolest contest ever. For the record, I am mostly vegan, and I eat 99% food out of the trash behind natural food stores. so I don't pay for food.

But I like your idea. It does force you to cook different ways and experiment. Also white rice is super cheap, but is so bad for you I would never eat the crap. Also since low budget it might be nice to stick with the cheapest 3 veggies or so, but I would mix it up to the cheapest 15 or whatever, because wide variety will help a lot!

I used to be a member of a CSA (community supported agriculture) where you get fresh organic produce every week for about 1 dollar a pound on average, and it's awesome...

Anonymous said...

LOL who is this guy who eats out of the garbage can?