Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Last Meal: kevinEats

(I am asking other bloggers for their perfect "last meal."  See this post for additional details.)

Today's participant is kevinEats, author of the popular foodie blog kevinEats

1. Who would you dine with?  Three of my friends: Eric, Minh, Ryan. They were who I dined with when I first started getting interested in gastronomy. Without their support, I doubt that my passion for food would've developed as it did.

2. Where would the meal take place?  Urasawa, arguably my favorite restaurant. Imagine a 35-course extravaganza of Japanese delights, an intimate, personal experience that transcends a mere meal, exposing you to the very heart and soul of the chef, Hiro-san. A meal takes five hours, but if it's my last, I'd take my sweet time!

3. What would you eat?  I'd have to leave it up to Hiro-san, though I'd probably request extra servings of toro, wagyu, and matsutake (if it's in season). To wash it all down, we'd have the finest sakes and Champagnes, of course.

Thanks for participating, Kevin!  All the best in your future restaurant exploits!

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kevinEats said...

Thanks! Who else do you have coming up?

Mike Czyzewski said...

You'll just have to wait and see. :)