Saturday, December 5, 2009

Last Meal: Mine

Just now, I got the idea to start a series of posts on last meals. That is, if you could control who, what and where you ate your final bite, what would you choose? Somewhat creepy, I know, but I think it's interesting because it cuts to the core of who you are. Here's what I'm all about:

Who: Very tough. A huge part of me wants to include my parents but this is my last meal. I want it to be fun and my parents just aren't all that cool. Ideally, I'd have a penultimate meal with mom and dad and then a bash with my friends. So, final meal, my brothers and close friends. You know who you are.

What: My mom's fried chicken by the bucketful. This was what I always requested for my birthday celebrations. It's magically good...chicken marinated overnight in garlic salt, sesame oil, crushed ginger, crushed scallions, white fragrant and delicious. Coat in some seasoned flour and fry until golden brown. There would also be white rice (I LOVE to make sushi rolls with fried chicken skin and rice) and simple stir-fried Chinese greens. Lots of beer and gin & tonics.

Where: The beach. I love the waves. Very soothing.

There it is. I'm a humble man.

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