Monday, December 14, 2009

Last Meal: Viet World Kitchen

(I am asking other bloggers for their perfect "last meal."  See this post for additional details.)

Today's participant is Andrea, author of Viet World Kitchen.  Her blog is about Vietnamese food traditions.  I love Vietnamese food and have frequented this blog for a while now.  A few people have asked me about fish sauce so here's Andrea's post to get you started.  Go check it out!

1. Who would you dine with? As you posted on 12/5, it's hard -- who do you like to spend time with over food? I'd have to say my husband, parents, and friends Michelle and Alec. We all like food and are talkers. To dine well, you have to love to engage in conversation.

2. Where would you dine? At home. I love home cooking and you can do things up as elegant or casual as you like. I love to cook, but I'd have someone clean up after us. It is my last meal, no? Can't I be a little diva?

3. What would you eat? Vietnamese food. Lots of deep fried stuff like cha gio rolls and pair such rich foods with French champagne. A small bowl of pho and then rice with fish simmered in caramel sauce and a stir-fried vegetable. I'd be happy with that. Thinking about this makes me hungry and thirsty!

Andrea, thanks!

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