Sunday, October 28, 2007

Igor's Reward

Remember this post? The one where I said that the person who could identify the type of beer would get a reward? Well, Igor, a hunky Russian-bear of a man was the winner! He IM'd me a few days ago and asked what the reward was. I told him that he could pick anything he wanted and I would cook it. Here's how it went down:

Igor: I want an omelette.
Me: Okay. (I was thinking to myself, umm, we'll see...I've never, ever made an omelette before.)
Igor:...and I want steak. I like bits of steak in my omelettes.
Me: Okay. ( I actually have to buy a steak? Doesn't he realize that I'm the BUDGET college cook? Ughh. Whatever, he won.)
Igor: And home fries. It's breakfast and I'm hungry. I want home fries.
Me: Okay. Sure thing, Igor. (You bastard. I've never made home fries so now I have to look up how to make an omelette, how to make home fries AND buy a steak? ARFFGHEHERHWEERJHFFWE!)

The guy also asked me to put some pork in the omelette but I had to draw the line somewhere. I don't know how they roll in Mother Russia but this is my blog and I call the shots. Got it?

Hahaha, but seriously, it was a pleasure putting this together for Igor. My roomie donated the steak, I learned how to make great home fries, and my omelette technique needs PLENTY of work. My roommate makes superior omelettes. They turn out all nice and fluffy. I need a lesson, hint-hint.

All in all, a good experience. I decided to caramelize some onions for the omelette and sprinkled blue cheese crumbles on top. Steak and blue cheese, a classic pairing, oui? I'm going to post a series of pics with minimal captions...keep this one simple...physics midterm in 36 hours....the lever arm? torque? what? I have to calculate things? uh oh.

The ingredients. I was also going to make a salad but never got around to it. Anyways, potatoes are vegetables, right? Good enough for me.

Sauteeing onions. (I saute onions with such frequency that I'm considering shooting a stock photo and using it from now on.)
The onions a few minutes later:

Diced potatoes. Check out the shoddy, haphazard knife work!

1/3rd of a ribeye steak. Nice and blurry, just the way I like it.
The onions, barely boiled potatoes and cooked steak ready for the next step.

The sliced, cooked steak. Still blurry!
Fast forward about 15 minutes...the finished deal. Toasted English muffin on the side.
Here's a photo of the omelette's interior...

I seasoned the home fries with Old Bay seasoning. I love the stuff and it's appropriate. After all, Igor lives in Maryland and Old Bay is pretty much the official seasoning of Maryland.

Gotta tell ya, I am FULL. Three eggs, a third of a steak, a small russet potato, half an onion and an English muffin. What will win...the impending food coma or my physics book? We'll find out at Tuesday's midterm!

Time- About 30 minutes of FRENZIED work. I almost chopped off a few of my fingers when the knife slipped.
Food Cost- Going to make some assumptions here b/c I didn't buy the steak.
Steak- $2.50
Blue Cheese- $0.50
Onions/Potatoes- $0.75
Incidentals- $0.75
Total- $4.50


Brittany said...

Damn, I want to win a contest.

Mike Czyzewski said...

Remember how I asked you to find me a girlfriend?

There's your hard....

Brittany said...

Oh, right... that. :) Ok, I will tackle the task with renewed vigor!