Thursday, January 14, 2010

Last Meal: Not Eating Out in New York

(I am asking other bloggers for their perfect "last meal."  See this post for additional details.)

Today's participant is Cathy, author of Not Eating Out In New York.  Because there are so many take-out restaurants in NYC, quality is high and prices are low and, consequently, people eat out a lot.  However, there ARE a few residents who try to cook at home and some, like Cathy, do a good job of it!  Check out her site and see what she's been cheffing up!

1. Who would you dine with? My family, or can I bring only one member? This is like Sophie's choice!

2. Where would you dine? I think an outdoor picnic would be a fine setting... midsummer dusk, orchard trees, doesn't matter too much where, as long as it's quiet and peaceful.

3. What would you eat? Probably not something fancy. I'd have my mom's soy sauce chicken stew, cooked so long the bones and bloated skin fall from the meat and fat ginger slices are stained brown and tough as leather.

Mmmm, I also love soy sauce chicken.  Thanks, Cathy!

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