Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Last Meal: Quick Indian Cooking

(I am asking other bloggers for their perfect "last meal."  See this post for additional details.)

Today's participant is Mallika, author of Quick Indian Cooking.  Her blog is about Indian food and fast, easy dishes that can be successfully integrated into a busy lifestyle.  I find her recipes for dal (lentils) to be especially comprehensive so gogogogogogo learn a thing or two about Indian cuisine!

1. Who would you dine with? Has everyone said family? I'm going to be pretty boring... I suppose it would have to be my husband, baby, mum and little sister.

2. Where would you dine? At the family home in Calcutta. Our German Shepherd will be salivating by the side of the table, while the cook brings sizzling hot buttered rotis to the table. My mother will shout at my sister, she will shout back and next everyone will shout at each other. Then the phones will go off. Perfect!

3. What would you eat? The last supper are you kidding? What wouldn't we eat? We'd start with a thick yellow dal, with a spicy tadka, vegetable pulao rice and an aubergine stir fry. Then go on to goat meat curry cooked in dark whole spices and deep fried plain flour puris, while dipping into lemony mixed salad and three different pickles. To finish off, I'd have mishti doi, yoghurt sweetened with raw cane sugar, and anything deep fried and bright orange in colour. Now that would be the perfect way to go.

Mallika, thanks!  I can't possibly imagine how hot Calcutta must feel for your German Shepherd, lol!

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