Monday, December 3, 2007

$2.00/day Food Challenge Post #18:Reward Dinner Menu

As mentioned before, I am the winner of the $2.00/day food contest so George is cooking a meal of my choice. However, George gets to pick the cookbook. He decided on this one.

Here's my chosen menu:

Starter: Salsify Cappuccino (might become parsnip if salsify is too hard to find)

Main: Coffee-Roasted Duck Breasts accompanied by a Pear and Fingerling Potato Ragout

Dessert: Ginger Citrus Cookies

I deliberately picked recipes that seemed "fool-proof." However, this is kind of a cheffy cookbook so "fool-proof" is a relative term...we're not talking ham and cheese sandwiches here. I also tried to pick recipes where ingredient availability wouldn't be a problem. I think I've struck a good balance between things that I really want to eat and things that will turn out well.

George has a good shot at success.

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