Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Duck Confit pt. 4

So. How was it? Pretty darned tasty if I do say so myself. Recipe for the lentils will go up tomorrow, salad was, well, salad. Dressing made with sherry vinegar, olive oil, salt, dijon mustard and maple syrup. Yes, maple syrup...I love sherry vinegar and maple syrup when they're paired together. The sauce is sorta invisible but it was duck stock, the strained, left over duck jelly from the confit, shallots and a bit of red wine. And butter. Can't forget the bit of butter. Cheese for dessert was a hit. Some pretty interesting stuff including a German cheese. Who knew Germans made cheese? Very mild and sweet compared to the more assertive Gorgonzola and Monte Enebro.

Also made the ultimate sacrifice:
It was bleeding pretty seriously for a while...the kitchen is splattered with blood...heh heh. Just another war scar tho, right?

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