Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Manresa is a restaurant in Los Gatos, California.

It is, for my money, the best restaurant in the Bay Area. Even better than that *other* place.

I only bring this up because I am going next week...yes, yes...budget college cook? not when fine dining is concerned!

Here is the menu from my last meal at Manresa...yes, I keep and collect restaurant menus...I have them in both hard copy and electronic formats...I am a nerd:

Petit fours "red pepper-black olive"
Carrot and orange cocktail
Parmesan churros
Oyster and urchin jelly
Smelts with bacon and shiso
Fried brioche, butter and smelt roe
Arpege egg

Romanesque and foie gras royale
Fatty bluefin belly, kieffer lime, osetra caviar
Golden butterfish, our local yuzu fruit
Just shucked scallop with its tripe, black truffle
Monkfish, gooseneck barnacles and watercress (not an official menu description was omitted from the menus we were given)
Abalone, kohlrabi choucroute
Foie gras, slowgrilled, then smoked, meyer lemon
Civet of rabbit, our boudin noir sauce
Venison saddle, red cabbage braised with dates

Ruby red grapefruit with hydromel
Belgian waffle, rum raisin pear, tonka bean ice cream
Chocolate cake steamed in a jar, licorice
Petit fours "strawberry-chocolate"

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