Friday, December 14, 2007

Really??!?!? I Graduated?!?!?

This is REALLY hair-brained of me but today was my graduation ceremony and I had no idea. Boy, my Mom is gonna be pissed when she finds out...she wanted to go and take pictures and all that.

Anyhow, I spent much of the day sitting in a coffee shop reading Judgment of Paris. It's about the historic 1976 wine tasting where American wines were rated more highly than some of their French counterparts. It's kind of a big deal. Pretty entertaining read although the writing isn't the greatest, especially the first third which recounts the lives of 3 winemakers in the Napa sorta seems disjointed...more timeline of their lives rather than a cohesive narrative. And don't read the book expecting to find detailed tasting notes of the wines which were'll be disappointed.

So I'm reading in the coffee shop and my buddy Mark calls me. I ignore the first call and he calls back and leaves a message. I listen to the message as I'm walking home. It goes a little something like this:
"Mikey, I know you mentioned that you might not go to your graduation but I'm here and I wanted to congratulate you on graduating."

What?!?!? I immediately called him back. Yep, I am in the program for today's ceremonies. Whoops. However, I guess I should celebrate as I've fulfilled my goal of graduating with honors... I'm not really sure how to react.

What I think I'll end up doing is curling up on the sofa and finishing the rest of the book. :-)


Brittany said...

Congrats Mike!!!!! That's fantastic!

Anonymous said...


Mike Czyzewski said...

Before everyone gets too fired up, I should explain that I still have 2 classes to go before I've fulfilled all the requirements for graduation...I guess my school has a winter graduation ceremony for students who are really, really close to being done...yah, it doesn't make much sense to me either. Maybe it's to keep the spring ceremony from being obscenely long? I dunno but whatever it is, I'll still be slaving away this upcoming semester although I am going to take Spanish for fun. Hola.

Lindsey said...

it's ABOUT damn time! ;)