Monday, December 10, 2007

Duck Confit pt. 2

Okay, so I took the salt/herb rubbed duck legs, rinsed them off and patted them dry. Heated up my duck fat until it liquidified and submerged the legs in the fat. This was a pain in the ass because I didn't have enough duck fat so I had to figure out which pan gave me the greatest height so I could submerge the duck legs as completely as possible. Even so, I haven't completely covered the 6th leg so I am afraid that it might dry out during the extended (6-12 hour) cooking period. The other thing that concerns me is that my duck legs were in the fridge for 48 hours instead of the cookbook recommended 24. Might they have taken on a little bit too much flavor from the cure? Who knows? This was necessary because I needed the duck fat cap on the duck stock to "set" before I could scoop it off and this took longer than anticipated.

Oh yah, oven is at 200 wanna cook these duck legs very, very gently

We'll find out how it tastes later today...5 guests coming over tomorrow so I might use the 6th leg as a taster.

I am still set on serving the duck legs with a mixed green salad (prolly a sherry vinaigrette), some lentils aux vinaigrette (sherry vinegar, gonna mix in a bit of the duck fat as well...some minced carrot, fennel bulb and onion in there as well) and the duck stock is reducing down so I can make a nice duck jus. vin rouge, ldo...maybe something from the languedoc or the rhone valley. maybe, gigondas? if I am feeling ambitious, I'll run to cowgirl creamery down at the ferry market building to grab some cheese and baguettes...

edit: As the duck legs cooked, the fat on the thighs rendered out and total coverage is no longer a problem

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